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hello, i'm more familiarly known as laddu, formally as debarshi kumar banerjee (personally i dont like this name) ... i study history hons in presidency college, by absolute freak of luck....! otherwise i'm into black coffee, double shot with cream on top...!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Catch That Rat

Man we have a rat in our house.. i mean a real rat..those ugly things that nible everything that come its way... i have never heard of such a thing in all my life... i mean we've never had rat trouble in our flat.. incredible... this rat found his way into our flat probably coming out from one of our neighbourin' flats.. shit man.. freaky... my parents never bothered themselves with anything as they are about this rat.. not even the phone bills i gift them or the weird ppl that come to saat tola(i dont thing they'r aware of it but thats not the point) .. i am kind of saved as i dont stay with them.. i came down for dinner nd i saw robin hood (our manservant) holdin a jhata in his hand nd all over the place trying trace the rat .. i heard my mom dicuss tactics and strategies. ... i dont think america has chased osama bin laden the way robin was after that rat... i dont mean to call osama a rat.. .. shit man i smell a rat!!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hard To Handle

This is one of those rock n roll songs that just plays in your head for a couple of weeks after you've first heard it... today i heard this song for the first time on vh1 sung by this band called The Black Crowes... Hard To Handle has a chorus you'll fall in love with... just check this song out...

Lyrics: Otis Redding
Music: Otis Redding

Sung regularly by Pigpen with the Grateful Dead, but not revived by them after he died (except for a couple of performances with Etta James). But subsequently played by The Other Ones, Phil Lesh & Friends and The Dead. Pigpen sang the verses pretty much the same each time, though the rap in the middle varied - this is from the version on "Bear's Choice":

the lyrics:

Baby here I am, and I'm a man upon the scene
I have to give you what you want but you gotta come home with me
And I got a whole load of good old lovin', and I got some in store
When I get through throwin' it on you got to come back for some more

Boys and things will come by the dozen
But that ain't nothing but drug-store lovin'
Pretty little thing let me light your candle
'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle
Now yes I am

Actions speak louder than words, and I'm a man with great experience
I know you got you another man but I can love you better than him
Take my hand and don't be afraid, I'm gonna prove every word I say
I'm advertising love for free, so won't you place your ad with me

Boys and things will come by the dozen
But that ain't nothing but drug-store lovin
'Pretty little thing let me light your candle
'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle
Now yes I am

[Pigpen improvised rap]
Give it to meI got to have it
Some of your loveI'm a big old man
SometimesI get hard to handle baby
SometimesI get kind of hard to handle now
Yes I want to have
Some of your love
Some of your love
Make me feel pretty good now, yes it do

Baby here I am, and I'm a man upon the scene
And I can give you what you want but you gotta come home with me
And I got a whole load of good old lovin', and I got some in store
When I get through throwin' it on you got to come back for some more

Boys and things will come by the dozen
But that ain't nothing but drug-store lovin
'Pretty little thing let me light your candle
'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle
Now yes I am
But that ain't nothing but kiss and look

By the way if anyone has the Grateful Dead version please let me know... i'am lookin for it... i have the black crowes, Etta James and Ottis Redding version.....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shifting Room Blues!!!!

My room got shifted! Yes! The reasons why it got shifted are not important! But my room got shifted but I am back in my own room once again (sigh of relief)! I had to move out not to another building, not to my parents flat but to another room in the same flat! Yes just to another room in the same flat! I use that room when my friends come over … we hang out in that room…. I have no cause to despise that room and its not like it was locked up for ages and it was filled with dirt or anything but I felt like I was in some alien land, unknown territory, trespassing! Put very plainly I was uncomfortable… its an uncanny feeling I can’t describe… as if I am occupying somebody else’s space and that person could not denounce me… but if he had his way he would have done so… but more than that I hated the fact I was not in my room, my space, my territory… why this feeling??? why this frog in the well attitude??? I asked myself over and over again… finally I started to look into the matter from a different aspect… I kind of got an answer… let me try to explain… lets look at advent of Aryans for instance… the Aryan settlements in the pre-vedic age that has continued to 2006 AD!

The Puranas give the earlier history of Vedic Aryans (i.e. the Purus), who were the authors of the Rigveda, showing them to have originated in south eastern Uttar Pradesh before their ancestors went and settled down in the Punjab; but they also name two other groups of Indo Europeans (the Anus and the Druhyus), with a similar origin in south eastern Uttar Pradesh, and show them to have settled down in areas to the north and northwest of the Vedic Aryans, and even specifically record their migration northwards and away from these areas. The Rigveda, in its Dasarajna hymns, names the historically closest five branches of the present day Indo European languages as having been branches of the Anus and Druhyus, while its mythology proves to be practically identical with the parent mythology of all the later branch mythologies…
In this context, any theory that the Indus Civilization was a "non Aryan" civilization (specifically "Dravidian", or even "Austric") destroyed by "Aryan Invaders" stands exposed as a gross misconception or a motivated fabrication. The facts scream out that the Indus Civilization was an IndoEuropean one.
Practically the only general ground on which it had been branded as "nonAryan" and "Dravidian" was that the scholars, long before the discovery of the civilization, had already formulated a theory of an Aryan Invasion of a Dravidian India. The fact that they had to (as unwittingly admitted by Malati Shendge) quickly and radically reassess the Aryan vs non Aryan equation from a view that "the Aryan invaders of India encountered only a rabble of aboriginal savages" to a view that "the Aryan advent in India was in fact the arrival of barbarians into a region already highly organised into an empire based on a long established tradition of literature urban culture" was, of course, only a minor detail!
However, the evidence in the Rigveda and the Puranas proves conclusively and finally that there was no "Aryan invasion" of India but in fact an outflow of groups of "Aryans" from India who carried the speech family to its present habitats. This knocks out the very basis of the characterization of the Indus Civilization as "pre Aryan" and "non Aryan".

I will not bore you with historical facts and criticisms but for a fact they settled and to this day we bear the marks… this is actually contrary to the nomadic tribes… who would go from one place to another plundering and using up the resources then moving on… anyway keeping this in mind lets proceed… we, present Indians are the descendants of Aryans (I am not excluding the Dravidians), broadly speaking and not going into the individual 'Aryan' tribes which migrated from modern day Euro-Asia and Central Asia. What did the Aryans do… they saw that they could settle in perfectly and practise their agriculture etc... so they made it their territory and tried to safeguard it(like us) and the dream or thought of moving to a better habitat (comparatively) did not occur to them… why??? The answer can be given best by a psychologist of history but that’s not what I want… what I mean is the Aryans had the frog in the well attitude… maybe just maybe … a passing thought … this trait has stayed with us even today … but the paradigm has shifted today… it narrows down to the basic habits and characteristics of ours… just like they hated to move out of the Punjab plains, Ganga delta etc … similarly I guess I hated shifting from my room… i guess that is why 'development' as an option is still vague to us...

Ps. I’ve used the Aryans as a model… other tribes of Indo-European origins have this trait also…! And also my research material representation is limited… my sincerest apologies… if you want more info on the advent of the Aryans I would love to share it … contact me! and also this blog does not aim to offer a side or intake to the debate whether the aryans invaded india or not!

Pss. I am back to bloggin ………………………………… !

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Keep It Simple!!!

There is a song called 'Lemon Tree' by a band called Fool's Garden and i'm not talking about the song by kinston trio. The beauty of the song in my personal opinion lies in its simplicity. Lyrics go like ' I'm sitting here in a boring room,It's just another rainy sunday afternoon.I'm wasting my time, I got nothing to do.I'm hanging around, I'm waiting for you,But nothing ever happens - and I wonder.' You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this. But what adds the flavour to these words are the arrangement and the tune. I am not trying to analyse the song but what i am trying to say really is that songs which are simple to ear strike us most, to me atleast. By simple i mean songs which are simple to listen to, like lets say Till There Was You by The Beatles (their cover version), the arrangement in my opinion is not at all simple but when you listen to it, it flows smoothly and gently sets you in the mood.
Now lets take songs by Dream Theatre into consideration. When you listen to them you can immediatly sense how complicated the whole structure is. How all the individual players in the band are playing to their level best wtihout comprising at all. Individually, undoubtedly, they sound brilliant because of their technical superiority but as a band, to me, they sound like noise.
Most metal bands also have this habit of overplaying and making music complicated by putting too much technicality into it and loosing the essence of the song amidst all of it.
So, i think, songs which are actually number one are the ones which are simple to the ear, smooth flowing, rhythmical and has a punch. Rock 'n roll, classic rock i thnink are two genres where songs are simple to hear, makes a point whether dealing with political issues or emotional wreckage. Alternative is another genre which has come up in last decade has that quality of simplicity. Life generally is too complicated for words and if songs follow the same trend its damm frustrating!!!!! So I SAY ... KEEP IT SIMPLE !

PS. I would also like to say that rock n roll and classic rock being my personal favourite i mentioned it that way... but i think simplicity in songs is genre free !

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Help! Wanted!

Roughly 400 bands in kolkata if i make a guess are functioning or tryin to function... well they'r i'm sure holdin practice sessions somewhere... where is wat i want to know... cause i play in this band and we hold our prac on one of the floors of a 13 storey highrise ... i must put in .. we play english rock... and the result is we get numerous complaints from the flats in the vicinity sayin they are very much disturbed by noise we create... i agree they may get disturbed beacuse all they get to hear is not the song or the jam but a constant hum of the bass drum and bass guitar accompanied with sudden guitar distortions and organ chops ( our keyboardist is very fond of organ chops not my fault ) .... so do every band face this.. and how do they wrk it out.. can anybody give us some prac space.... help help help..... ! i must also say put in dat sound proofin this flat is out of the question bcause by father will butcher if i try to ruin the flat in any way.... ! help help help elp elp elp lp lp lp ppppppppppppppppp !